Let’s Talk Bookish: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Over Time?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. Today’s theme is ‘How have your reading habits changed over time?’.

I have loved reading for a very long time and my reading habits have certainly changed. Before I went to university, I read quite a mix of books. A lot of YA but also some more literary books. Then when I went to uni to study English Literature with Creative Writing I didn’t have much spare time for reading outside the course material. So I read a lot of classics and literary fiction for those three years. I read some great books and I enjoyed my degree, but I did miss being able to choose what I read.

Then when I finished uni (3 years ago now!) I didn’t want to see another classic! I’ve read almost solely YA since then. I’ve also read mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I think having read so many literary and challenging reads during my degree, I just wanted to be sucked into a great story again. I just wanted to be swept up in a fantasy adventure.

Having spent 3 years reading as part of studying, it did take me a little while to get back into reading for fun. At first, I didn’t enjoy reading as much as I used to, because while I was studying it was something I had to do and I had to read particular books. Having the freedom to choose what to read again was great, but it did take me a little while to get back into it.

Over the last year or so I’ve got back into really loving reading for pleasure again and consequentially I’ve started reading more too. Having my love of reading rekindled again has been wonderful.

I’ve also done a lot of reading this year thanks to lockdown. Even though I’m still working full time (from home) I’ve had a lot more free time since I’ve not been able to go anywhere! I expect the amount of reading I do will go down again a bit whenever we finally get back to ‘normal’. So I’m making the most of the time I have to read and write.

I’m actually reading a classic at the moment though – Emma by Jane Austen. As I’ve read a lot of fantasy lately it is nice to read something different. There are a lot of classics I want to read, but I probably won’t read them that often. At the moment I’m reading about one a year. Maybe that will change though. It will be interesting to see how my reading habits have changed in a few years time!

Have your reading habits changed over the years? Has the kind of books you enjoy shifted? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed Over Time?

  1. I’m happy that your love for reading has been rekindled! I agree with you about lockdown allowing me to read much more than before. The amount of reading that I’ve been doing would be unimaginable in “normal” circumstances. Thank you for the lovely discussion!

  2. It is so interesting to see how people’s reading change over time!
    I can see why reading for’fun’ is not really happening when you have to read a lot for school!


  3. i definitely think reading YAs help me get out of book slumps!! and it’s always difficult trying to read enjoyably after having been pushed to read certain books. wonderful post!

  4. Lovely post ❤️ even though I recently joined… maybe 2-3 months ago..I actually have been reading more diversely and coming to know about problematic content….which I was not aware of otherwise

  5. My biggest reading change has come about in the form of audiobooks. Still reading the same genres basically but more audiobooks than ever because I travel quite extensively. Having the book in my ear rather than at my fingertips leaves my eyes to roam. However, as a writer, I often find myself wondering how something was punctuated or otherwise appeared on the page. I tell myself that I’ll go back and look later but I never do. So something is definitely lost in audiobooks, but I “read” so much more since starting them.

    • I tried audio books recently while I was ill and couldn’t see properly due to having a swollen eye. It was great to still be able to read, but I think I prefer reading a physical book rather than an audio book. Though I do think audio books are a great way to read, and I think I would definitely read audio books again if travelling/commuting or something like that.

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