Fairyloot March 2022 Adult Book Only Unboxing

Fairyloot recently launched a new monthly subscription offering an exclusive edition of an Adult fantasy book. Unlike their original YA subscription which includes a selection of bookish items, their Adult sub comes with just a book.

As I enjoy reading a mix of YA and Adult fantasy, I was excited to try out the new subscription and see what books they would choose. For their first box, Fairyloot’s theme was ‘Dark Academia’ and they picked The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake.

This exclusive edition comes with an exclusive cover and I love what Fairyloot have done with this one. Although it is a simple colour switch (the original had a black background), I think the cream is elegant and effective. It makes me think of old parchment which gives me an academia vibe.

The digitally sprayed edges appear to have come out a bit wavy, which seems to be common across other copies and not unique to mine. The pattern isn’t that exciting, but does fit well with the cover.  

There is stunning artwork of the characters on the endpapers by lizzart_zardonicz, plus foil embossing on the hard case. I do love foil! This edition also comes with a digital signature.

Overall, I’m happy with this edition, and I’m intrigued to see what Fairyloot’s next Adult picks will be.

What do you think of Fairyloot’s first Adult subscription book? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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