Fairyloot June 2021 Unboxing

This unboxing is very very late as I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for a little while, but since I had already taken the photos before I hurt my shoulder, I thought I would still post my unboxing and share what was inside Fairyloot’s June box now that I am getting back into blogging again!

The theme for June was ‘Animal Companions’ and I have to say I love books that have animal companions in them, so I was looking forward to this box. Let’s see what was inside!

House of Earth and Blood Flower Pot designed by @ouroridae – I’ve not read this book but it’s a useful ceramic pot, though I probably won’t be using it for plants. Before we moved house, I was using it to store bookmarks in.

The Priory of the Orange Tree Metal Bookmark designed by @no0nedesigns – When I read Priory earlier this year, I absolutely loved it, and I also love dragons, so I was incredibly excited to find this item in the box. This is a really gorgeous bookmark.

The Raven Cycle Pillow Covers designed by @kdpletters – This isn’t a series I’ve read and I’m not sure I’ll be using these. Though I did appreciate the inclusion of two matching pillow covers, as so often boxes only include one, which doesn’t work so well if you have a double bed.  

Kiki Delivery Service Enamel Pin by @layla_ashtar_shrine – This is a really cute pin! I don’t know Kiki Delivery Service, but I love cats.                                                                                                           

Kingdom of the Wicked Acrylic Standee artwork by @morgana0anagrom – I’ve seen this kind of item in other boxes and it seems a little random. This is an item that you can only really use if you have read and liked the book. I prefer items that are useable even if you aren’t part of the fandom.

Collectible Tarot Cards by @morgana0anagrom – inspired by characters from Serpent & Dove.

The June book was Fire with Fire by Destiny Soria! It has an exclusive cover, sprayed edges, artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket and foil embossing on the case by @icandrawthingz and is signed.

The change to the cover is quite subtle and since it was an exclusive cover I was surprised when I opened the box because I couldn’t tell at first what had actually been changed. I love the foil design on the hardcover but it gets a bit lost on the yellow background. It would have stood out so much more on a darker cover. I’m also not super into the yellow sprayed edges. I probably would have preferred a deep blue/red/purple to match one of the other colours on the cover. But I do still really like this edition.

There was also an author Letter with exclusive artwork by @sallteas.

There were a couple of items in this box I liked but, on the whole, I didn’t love it. But I got the box for the book. I really hope Fairyloot start doing a book only option soon as I’m not really into the items. There’s usually one, maybe two, items in each box that I really love and would use. So for me, it doesn’t feel worth it, I also feel like you can really quickly accumulate a lot of stuff if you are a regular subscriber. The best part is the book, so I would much prefer to subscribe to a book only option. I think they are exploring this at the moment so I’ll be looking out for news on that! 

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