Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag 2021

I really can’t believe we’re halfway through 2021 already! So far, I’ve read 25 books this year and I’m on target to hit my goal of 40 books in 2021 so I am very happy with that. I’ve read some great books so without further ado, let’s jump into the tag.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2021

The Midnight Star by Marie Lu – This book destroyed me. Can’t say too much since it’s the last in the series, but honestly it was so emotionally heart wrenching I’m still not over it.

Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far In 2021

I’ve read some really great sequels this year but two that stood out are Blood & Honey and Days of Blood and Starlight. A lot of people didn’t seem to like Blood & Honey and I went in with low expectations, which might have helped, but I really enjoyed this one and was surprised by it. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is one of my all-time faves and Days of Blood and Starlight was so good as well.

New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To

The Gilded Ones came out earlier this year and I am so excited to read it!

Biggest Disappointment

I was thrilled to get an eARC of The Prison Healer as the concept sounded so intriguing, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I’d hoped, and the ending left me feeling frustrated.

Biggest Surprise

I picked The Bone Houses for this prompt just because it maybe didn’t seem like it would be my kind of book, but I ended up loving it!

Favorite New Author (Debut or New To You)

Ashley Shuttleworth’s A Dark and Hollow Star is one of my favourite reads so far this year and I can’t wait to read more from this author. I found the first part a bit hard to go through as there was a lot of world building, but when I got into it, I enjoyed it a lot and loved the characters.

Newest Fictional Crush

I don’t really have fictional crushes to be honest!

Newest Favorite Character

The goat from The Bone Houses. Trust me. Read it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Book That Made You Cry

Gut Feelings by C. G. Moore is a novel in verse based on the author’s own experiences of living with Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). This book really takes you on an emotional journey. It was particularly emotional for me to read as some of the symptoms and treatments for Crohn’s Disease overlap with FAP, and like the protagonist, I was diagnosed with my illness at a young age, so I could really connect with all the emotions they went through.

Book That Made You Happy

Um so I’ve realised I don’t read many happy books… For this one I’m going with my reread of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief because it’s a fun book and I enjoyed rereading it as it’s been years since I read the series.

The Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought Or Received This Year

The cover of Black Sun is gorgeous and the sprayed edges on the Goldsboro edition are just so beautiful.

What Books Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year?

So many! But my biggest must-reads for the rest of this year are probably Queen of Air and Darkness, Legendborn, Broken Web, and Gods & Monsters.

Favorite Book To Movie Adaptation You’ve Seen This Year?

Shadow and Bone!! I was so excited to see the show and so worried about being disappointed at the same time, but the show really brought the world and characters to life so well. I particularly loved seeing the Crows on screen and I’m impatiently awaiting season 2.

How has your year been, what are your favourite reads so far? Chat with me in the comments!

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