Fairyloot January 2021 Unboxing

After the August box I decided to unsubscribe, but trust Fairyloot to pull me back in. The January theme was just perfect for me so I couldn’t pass on it. Although I decided I didn’t like getting a box every month, I will still get the occasional one when the theme and book is right up my street.

Fairyloot is a UK-based YA fantasy subscription box. If you subscribe, you get a box a month which includes a hardback book and 5-6 exclusive goodies around a theme.

The theme for January was ‘Greek Mythology’! Let’s see what was inside…

Book sleeve designed by @chattynora – This item was inspired by Circe by Madeline Miller which I haven’t read but really should! Fairyloot’s book sleeves are really good and I love the zip, but I do have quite a few of them now even though I haven’t had that many boxes. They seem to include them quite often.

Wooden spatula designed by @kdpletters – The quote is from Lovely War by Julie Berry which I haven’t read. But I guess spatulas are useful!

Trinket dish with illustration of Eros & Psyche by @taratjah – This dish is really shiny and I love the artwork. I kind of don’t want to put any trinkets in it and hide that lovely design!

Iron-on patch illustrated by @alyesaworld – I really don’t like iron-on patches. I don’t use them and they don’t display as well as things like pins.

Enamel bookmark designed by @monolimeart – This bookmark is stunning but I do find the colour choices came out a little odd.  

Art print illustrated by @arz28 – It’s years since I read the Percy Jackson books but I loved them so much. I was a little disappointed the PJ item in this box was only a print but it’s a good print and I like the art.

The monthly collectable tarot cards are designed by @arz28 and feature characters from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh.

The book of the month is Lore by Alexandra Bracken. This edition has an exclusive cover, sprayed and stencilled edges, artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket by @lizzart_zardonicz, foil embossing on the front and back of the case, custom endpapers and a printed signature. There’s also an author letter with character art by @runningquill_art. They really went all out with the special finishes for this book! I love the gold snake on the spine and the embossing on the hardcover. I think the sprayed edges are supposed to be gold but they’ve come out in a strange yellow colour that I wasn’t super keen on at first but have got used to.

What I’ve found with past boxes I’ve had, is that a lot of the items feel a bit thrown together and don’t really gel with the theme. But with this box, everything fits together really well and the whole box screams Greek Mythology. The main thing I wanted the box for was the book, and I love this exclusive edition, so I’m really happy with that. I wish Fairyloot did a book-only option, I’d sign up in a heartbeat if they did. 

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