Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Fantasy

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday topic is ‘Reason Why I Love…’. Fantasy has been my favourite genre for so long. I think it’s what really got me into reading. So I decided to write about 10 reasons why I love fantasy!

Top 10 Tuesday was originally created by The Broke and the Bookish, but has now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl. If you’re interested in taking part click here.

Escape – Fantasy provides an escape from the real world. When I’m reading fantasy, I can really envelope myself in this other place, this other world, and forget about everything going on in my life.

New worlds – One of my favourite things about fantasy is the world building. I love discovering a new world in each book I read and immersing myself in that place.

Magic – Of course, magic is a big part of the fantasy genre. There’s something about magic that just sparks my imagination. I also love seeing all the different magic systems that authors come up with!

Magical creatures – As someone who loves animals, I love it when fantasy worlds are populated by magical creatures as well as people.  

Dragons – Yes you could count dragons as magical creatures but I felt they deserved their own point on this list. They are my favourite magical creature! I have a collection of dragons and always enjoy seeing my favourite creatures in books.

Imagination – There are so many possibilities with fantasy! Endless things authors can do with worlds and magic and everything else that comes with a fantasy story.

Adventures/quests – What drew me to fantasy as a child was the idea of going on an adventure! Setting off on a quest and overcoming obstacles to reach the goal!

Characters – I love the mix of heroes and villains in fantasy and seeing characters grow over the course of a book and a series!

Political intrigue/court intrigue – I do really like when there is a good dose of political intrigue in fantasy. Seeing how different kingdoms and peoples interact with each other, political rivalries, alliances, characters out for their own gain or with their own agendas, all makes for such suspense!

Reflecting on the real world – Fantasy (and science fiction) can be used as a lens through which to explore issues from our own world. I like it when fantasy is used as a way to highlight things that are important in our own societies.

What do you love about fantasy? Or your favourite genre? Chat with me in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Fantasy

    • You can escape from the real world with any book, that’s the magic of reading! But I think with fantasy you can escape even more since its often set in a world completely different from our own!

    • Neither did I! I didn’t realise there is such big love for dragons! I’m not even sure what drew me to them originally. I’ve loved dragons since I was a kid. I was fascinated by dinosaurs as a child, and maybe dragons are kind of a bit like magical dinosaurs and maybe that’s why I ended up loving them?

  1. This is kind of a surprise for me – usually I tend to be kind of complacent about “Top 10 Reasons” or similar posts, but a lot of these things would make it onto my “Top 10” for Fantasy, too, if I wrote such a list. (Fantasy is my favorite genre, and the only one I’ve written in, so far.) Dragons are really cool – and it’s really cool seeing all the different kinds of dragons people can come up, how they’re similar, how they’re different, etc. The different ideas behind magic can be awesome, too.

    The Characters is a big one for me, also. I love character development. (Now and then, political intrique is part of one of the characters’ lives and how he or she develops or fails to develop.)

    World Building is another good one. I enjoy world building, and I enjoy seeing other people’s worlds. They vary so much! That’s one of the really cool things about Fantasy, which brings us to my thoughts about Magical Creatures – aside from dragons, there can be lots of other kinds of magical creatures. They can get very interesting! You can pretty much make up – or read about – any kind of creature you like. You can read about all kinds of non-human intelligent races – or less intelligent ones. All of this pretty much falls under why Imagination is an awesome thing about Fantasy, right? I really enjoy the imaginative aspects.

    Further, I agree about Fantasy being a cool way to interact with the world as well as get out of it for a moment. With Fantasy, you can suggest worldviews in wild and illuminating ways. You can work them out in a Fantasy novel, through situations that aren’t exactly like any situation on earth.

    • I think that’s it, it’s the variety that comes with fantasy that makes it so amazing! Because it’s so imaginative, there are so many possibilities of what you can do with a fantasy story! That’s why I love writing it as well as reading it.

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