Fairyloot Chain of Gold Unboxing

My Fairyloot Chain of Gold Collector’s Edition box finally arrived! It was delayed by more than a month due to the coronavirus crises, which was obviously completely out of Fairyloot’s hands. I felt they did a good job of keeping us informed about the delays as they got new information. Since I ordered it in January it meant there was quite a long wait to finally get my hands on my first Collector’s Edition box and I was super excited to open it and see what was inside.

Included in the box were a special edition of Chain of Gold and four items, one of which was already revealed by Fairyloot to be a replica of the Mortal Cup. So let’s see what was inside…

James and Cordelia Tapestry featuring artwork by @monolimeart – The artwork is lovely, but the downside with tapestries is working out where and how to hang them! This one is really big. I might try and hang it on my door. But it doesn’t come with any hooks or eyelets or anything to hang it with, so I’ll have to work out how to do that.

Book Sleeve with artwork of James by @taratjah and a quote designed by @noverantale on the reverse – I thought it was a really nice idea to have different artwork on each side. I love both the art and the quote design. Book sleeves are really useful items too. I only have one other. This one is quite large so can easily fit a hardback inside. It also has a zip at the top.

Mortal Cup Replica – I absolutely loved the idea of having a replica of the Mortal Cup to have on my Cassandra Clare shelf. I don’t have any other replica type items so this was something a bit different. It looks very nice on my bookcase.

Wooden Bookmark with artwork of Cordelia by @niru.sky and a quote designed by @stellabookishart on the other side – This is a really nice bookmark, though it is quite thin compared to the only other wooden bookmark I have.

Bonus art print by @merwildandco – It was cool to get a bonus item since there were only a few items (albeit mostly quite big ones) in this box. The artwork includes James, Matthew, Thomas and Christopher.

The special edition of Chain of Gold features a redesigned cover with gold foil and stencil sprayed edges. There is also artwork on the endpapers and bonus material that all first editions of the book feature.

Overall I was happy with this box but I still think there could have been room for improvement. For some reason it didn’t quite have the ‘wow’ factor I was hoping for. My favourite items are probably the book sleeve and the Mortal Cup replica. As much as I like the design of the book, it’s quite simple and I think they could have done more with the stencilling on the edges. But then I’m personally not the biggest fan of this style of cover unless it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I haven’t read Chain of Gold yet as I was waiting for my copies to arrive. Have you read it? What did you think?

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