Illumicrate December 2019 Unboxing

I was super excited to get Illumicrate’s December box for Christmas! I’d guessed the book which was one of my anticipated releases for 2019, and many of the fandoms featured in the box are ones I’ve read.

Illumicrate is a UK-based subscription box. They were originally a quarterly subscription box, but changed to monthly. If you subscribe, you get a box a month which includes a hardback book and 3-5 exclusive goodies around a theme. You can subscribe monthly for £26. There is also a book only option which is £17. Or you can get a single purchase and just buy a one-off box.

Be warned there will be spoilers for the contents of the December box in this post!

The December theme is ‘Secrets and Schemes’ and they revealed before the boxes were posted that there would be a mug and a calendar included.

Mug with artwork by RosieThorns88 – This is inspired by A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas and is inspired by the scene of Rhys and Feyre plotting in the Court of Nightmares. I was really excited for this item and although I love it, it’s not a scene that would have come to mind when thinking of the book. The night sky, Velaris, Starfall, something that makes me think ‘Night Court’ is more what I had in mind. I’m not sure what the snake really has to do with it, perhaps a metaphor for their cunning?

Star Wars pin set by Fable & Black – This pin set celebrates the release of The Rise of Skywalker (which I haven’t been able to see yet as I’ve been ill!).

2020 calendar with artwork by Merwild and quote and calendar design by Chatty Nora – This calendar is multi-fandom which is great. I like that it has a mix of quotes and artwork.

Four Paths candle by Amelia Kitchen Candles – I loved The Devouring Gray and was really looking forward to this item, so was disappointed it was only a candle and not something more specific to the book. I don’t really use candles and I’m not keen on the scent of this one either.

Caraval patch by Fable & Black – I haven’t read Caraval yet (but it is on my TBR). This is an iron on patch. I’m not really sure if I’ll end up using it.

Collectable coin by Monolime – This month’s collectable coin features ‘the ultimate schemer of schemes’ which of course must be Kaz from Six of Crows. I have a magnetic notice board in my room so I’ve put it up there.

And finally – the book! This month’s pick is Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao. It has exclusive stencilled edges, exclusive endpapers and is signed by the author. Sprayed edges are great, but I love the creativity of stencilled edges. The endpapers are gorgeous too and fit perfectly with the cover.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this box. This is only the second subscription box I’ve ordered. My first was Fairyloot’s October box. With both being the same price, I feel I got more with the Fairyloot box than in the Illumicrate one.

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