Author Interview: LB Garrison

The next collection to be released by the Just-Us League is Fractured Ever After, to be released on 27th April 2019. The collection of fairy tale retellings will be the group’s seventh anthology. Author LB Garrison joins me to discuss his contribution to the anthology – ‘Beauty’.

Fractured Ever After Blog Tour

Have you ever watched the stars on a warm summer night and wondered if someone was looking back? Thoughts of dinosaurs and aliens dominated LB Garrison’s childhood. Adult concerns came later, but never could quite crowd out the wonder.

A microbiologist by profession, and dreamer by choice, LB has always been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy, and recently a writer of speculative fiction.

What inspired your retelling?

I wanted to take the basic story and change the characters so it didn’t end in a familiar way.

There are so many fairy tales to pick from. Why did you choose to retell Sleeping Beauty? And are there any other fairy tales you’d be interested in retelling in future?

Fairy tales are the basis of the fantasy genre and I’ve never written a story full of magic before. There is a certain wonder found in the fantasy that speaks to us even in the modern era. I wanted to pick a familiar story that was easily recognized and tell it in a different way. In this version, Sleeping Beauty isn’t so innocent.

I would like to try something from a different culture. There are many interesting stories from around the world that are largely unknown in the West. The settings and tales are unfamiliar, giving the story a different feel than you get from the medieval inspired chronicles we’re used to.

What aspects of writing and editing the short story did you find challenging, and which did you most enjoy?

Once I got started, I found the length the most challenging aspect. I wanted to keep adding more details, more character interactions and expand on the world. I enjoyed the dialogue the most. I get to know my characters and enjoy spending time with them. Quinn is one of my favorites. She is funny, shy and daring all rolled into one package.

I agree, the restrictive length of short stories can be challenging when you get really into the world! How did the experience of retelling a story differ from writing an original piece?

Retelling a story does give you ground rules. There are certain character roles and events that have to be included. In some ways, it is easier because you have an idea where the story is heading. It is also fun to use the reader’s expectation to surprise and, hopefully, entertain.

How long have you been writing for?

I’ve written fiction for about five years now, though it’s always something I’ve thought of doing.

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m working with an editor on the final draft of my first novel, The Ghost and the Machine. It’s about a teenage girl who wakes on an alien world to find she’s the final weapon in a billion-year-old war against all sentient life. I’m also beginning the sequel, Mother of all AIs.

Fractured Ever After will be released on 27th April. You can pre-order now from Amazon.

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  1. Great interview, I find an individual’s writing process so interesting to read about. Your posts are always really high-quality, keep up the good work :)

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