A Sequel to You?

So a few days ago I posted a book review of You by Caroline Kepnes. For the most part my review was positive so when I discovered her next book would be coming out in September I thought I would eagerly await it. Until I discovered it is a sequel to You. Really? The book is called Love and tells the further story of Joe as he continues trying to find love and creepily stalks girls.

Now, as much I loved You, does it really have sequel potential? I thought the book ended quite roundly, and when I read it I didn’t have any inkling that there was any possibility of a sequel. In some ways it could be interesting to see what turn the book takes. But at the same time I can imagine it just being a repeat of You but with some new characters for Joe to interact with. I think Kepnes is stepping on dangerous ground and it will have to be something fresh and different from You to please me.

I will read and review Love when it comes out in September, but I won’t be expecting much, so that if it actually surpasses my expectations it will be a pleasant surprise.

See my review of You here.

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