Photography Corner: Looking Through the Lens

Anybody can take a photograph, but it takes a little something to take a great photograph. That something is an alternative point of view. Taking a picture of something straight on often creates quite a generic image. Try crouching down and angling your camera up at the subject or tilt the camera so it isn’t quite straight on. Taking your photo from a different angle can completely change how the image looks.


Lighting is also very important. Change the place you are standing in to see how sunlight or artificial light changes the image. The middle of the day is the worst time for taking photographs outside as there are no shadows, so everything looks flat. If you take photos earlier or later than midday then shadows add depth to the image. If you are photographing at night then you need to utilise the light sources available to you – think about what is illuminated and what is not.

Placing the sun behind the subject.
Placing the sun behind the subject.
Using artifial lighting in a darkroom to experiment with portrait photography. Model - Miriam.
Using artifial lighting in a darkroom to experiment with portrait photography. Model – Miriam.
Night photography in Austria.
Night photography in Austria.

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Trip to London!

I went into London for the day on Monday to meet my parents. Since I’m at university it had been a few weeks since I had seen them so it was really nice to meet up with them. I went to Harrods with Mum to have a look around. The Christmas Shop was really disappointing though, there wasn’t much there and there wasn’t even Christmas music playing! Then we met Dad at Covent Garden and had dinner at Maxwell’s Bar and Grill. The meal was very nice and the service was good too. As the Christmas lights were turned on the night before we had a wonder around, looking at the lights around Covent Garden.


Then we went to Victoria Coach Station to go on a night bus tour with Golden Tours. It was an open top so it was good for taking photographs, though it was very cold! The route was good, it went past a lot of landmarks and we went over the river several times so there were lots of opportunities to take pictures of the Thames. The tour was an hour and a half in total which was a nice length and the tour guide had a lot of interesting things to talk about. I’d never really fancied going on a bus tour before because I thought it sounded boring, but going at night was great because the city looks so different. I would definitely recommend it.


(all images used in this post are (c) me 2014)